Video 1

My first video on the Slider (16′ skiff). Most videos are shot on a tripod at the bow with HD camera or the GoPro mounted on a stick at the stern. I don’t have much to say while fishing so the music is added.


This could be the second fishing video.  Only two videos in the collection do not have a stationary camera while catching fish. Videos are so much better with a moving camera or cameras. I have yet been able to tape an underwater shot due to catching and filming myself.


No fish caught in this video, however made the most of it by capturing the day and adding this popular song which most folks like. It was a beautiful day on the water.


The bass videos take some time to edit. Many clips to go through with a lot of dull action. This shows my dedication to stick with it through the tedious editing process in order to come up with something worth watching. You will pick your music or just use the taped audio, maybe both.