About me

I have been a hobbyist photographer all my life. Discovered videography about 11 years ago. Bought expensive equipment that was out of date in less than 3 years, mini DV tapes. Back then you had to capture everything real time for editing and it took forever. Learned my lesson not to by buy  top dollar stuff to shoot with because the technology advances so rapidly. Now we have HD cameras available that have incredible detail. Edits are so much faster having memory cards to transfer data.  My video edits are produced at two levels, you will get both. M2TS format 3840×2160 – 30p or MP4 1920×1080 – 30p, the latter is what is place on the internet and what you’ll see sampled here.

Good video is all about lots of shots from different angles. Close ups and wider shots combined with assorted lighting and movement. I can’t do all that while being skipper, fisherman and photographer. When I condense and filter all the clips taken on your trip, we’ll have a great product.

To sum it up, I’m just another video enthusiast with a passion for fishing. I am going to the next step by advertising my services as a videographer and editor.

As this venture is on the ground floor, my services are free now. Contact me and we can plan.