Video 3

This is my favorite video next to the latest, “Offshore 2015”, which is a combination of some clips I was not able to use that summer.  I spent about 16 hours editing this video. David Bowie passed away earlier in the year and I wanted to pay tribute in my own way.


Secret spot in HB.  Went with Sushimi, a friend I meet on Bloody Decks. We took his boat out for a few hours to catch many nice REDS.  This is the only video I focused in on the audio to include in the production.


Kite Bluefin are being caught again and too far for me to reach safely. So I spend some time inshore Bassin. Fun day. Ordered the kite, if the BF get within 17M we may have a video. Pulling in the kite, catching the BF, and driving.