Video 2


Can’t beat lucky. Chunking on the 276. First yellowfin was caught with a faulty reel, about a 45 minute fight on 30#. Second fish bit no more than 4 minutes after the first was landed, this time I had 40#. It was about a 10 minute fight. Both fish were 40#+.


Two old friends connect to revisit the rigs. First time we fished here together had to be 38 years ago. Back then there was no clock or responsibilities. On this trip we caught limits, enough bass for a fish taco party.


Nothing like wrapping up the day with a dip in the water. El Nino 2015, the water was 75 degrees. I knew what I was doing and trusted my friend. It was like fire drill.


This is my first night time venture, videoed at the end of 2016 lobster season.  The video is very dark so a lot of  video was scraped. I have since purchased some great lantern lights that are portable and can be placed anywhere. Also found a few flashlights with mounts for targeting specific areas to shoot at night as well.